Pioneer Stories

True stories about real organisations and real people

Get inspired and explore different individual and organisational journeys. They differ in starting points, their chosen areas of focus, the actions they first took, the barriers they have already surmounted, the successes they have celebrated and the road they see ahead, as they look to their next steps and long-term goals.


Motivating my staff was the biggest challenge

Step 1: Getting Started / Staff / Partnership / Content / Access

Sharing both the good and bad aspects of our work. Sharing the failures and the wins. Sharing motivation and sometimes disillusion… and learning that all of us, either small or big institutions, face the same type of challenges and that, as small as the footsteps are, they are the basal stones to produce a long-lasting institutional change!


It was quite difficult to create the opportunities to bring the team together

Step 2: Next Step / Staff / Access

An often-forgotten benefit of being involved in this kind of collaboration has been understanding that others are at different stages of their journey and that there are lots of different approaches to achieving the same aim. Because all the organisations have their own unique set of local issues and environments, being able to share experiences and exploring the issues that everyone else faces, has been enlightening.

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